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Every actor knows that the most important tool in landing that big audition is their showreel.

You may well be the next James Bond but the harsh reality is that most casting directors won't book you in for an audition if all the scenes on your reel points towards henchmen number 3 rather than suave secret agent. 

We provide a completely bespoke showreel service designed to tailor scenes to your acting strengths and casting ambitions. 

We Write, Direct and Produce scenes that represent how YOU want to present yourself to casting directors rather than how the material on your reel currently defines and restricts your casting type. 


1: Send us an email to arrange a free 20 minute-no obligation to buy-consultation. 

Here we will discuss your goals for a showreel scene(s) and which package best suits your needs. 

2: After choosing your package we will then write an original scene(s) between 1 and 2 minutes in length based around the agreed criteria. You will typically receive this written scene(s) within a week of purchasing your package. 

3: We will film the scene(s) using broadcast standard equipment and a passionate and experienced crew. 

4: We will Edit, Grade, Sound Design, Score and Master the scene(s) so you receive a high end, broadcast quality film for your showreel. 

5: We charge 50 percent at purchase of your chosen package and the remaining 50 percent upon delivery of the finished film. 

Please see examples of our work and the packages we have on offer in the drop down menu. 


Door 77 Actor Showreel Services is an off-shoot of the multi-award winning production company Hydra Films RKM. 

To date we have produced 5 features and numerous short films. 


In this capacity we have cast hundreds of actors and viewed thousands of showreels. 


With over a decade of narrative film making experience we believe we are very well positioned to know what makes an actors reel truly compelling.  

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