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Wedding Video

What makes a great wedding video?
In the age of small, lightweight but very high end film equipment it is now entirely possible to produce wedding videos that are as cinematic as many professional movie productions.
We here at Door 77 love an epic drone shot, a slow motion kiss, and a golden sunset as much as anybody but believe the key to a truly successful wedding video is capturing the essence of what should be the most magical day of your life - rather than trying to direct it. 
This means we approach our wedding videos in the same manner we would approach an intimate documentary. We shoot on high quality cameras with long lenses which allow us to document all the action as unobtrusively as possible. 
Of course if you want us to direct and choreograph a hundred person Bollywood style dance routine we are also more than happy (and able) to accommodate!
Have a look at the drop down menu to see what package best suits your needs.

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